The past years have seen significant redevelopment in interest for vinyl records where they once were almost dead. New artists are even requesting that their albums be printed on vinyl to meet this new market desire and since many people say that the vinyl sounds better than their digital counterparts. […]

Is there a box of vintage vinyl records sitting in your garage? Maybe someone gave you some of their old albums. Before you decide to trash them or drop them off at your community thrift store, you may want to look at what you have. You might be surprised to […]

This spring has been a great season for movies. Films of every genre have had excellent releases, and there are more on the way. However, a number of less-than-stellar movies have also been placed on the market, and in this day and age, most people can’t afford to make the […]

When the World Cup begins June 9, four Latin countries will be competing, and two of them — Brazil and Argentina — will have a serious shot at winning. But while fans cheer, the music industry in Latin America will probably be singing the blues as paralysis of any non-soccer-related […]

Today it is not a problem anymore to find information about anything and anybody. The same is true for celebrity news. We can get new celebrity information from newspapers, magazines, different TV shows and programs, radio and of course, there is the Internet – the ultimate source of information. News […]

Auto fans and car lovers will be excited about the annual Auto Show hosted at New York Javits Center. It is famous for attracting a various audience from automotive experts to amateur racers to entire families. Top brands like Nissan, Toyota, Bentley, and BMW use this international auto show to […]