When the Music Business Fails, Vinyl Records Make a Return

MP3 pirating and selling have put an enormous hurt on the music industry over the past ten years, and CD sales have declined because of it. Analog sound has become somewhat of a luxury today, and numerous people say it sounds a lot better than digital counterparts. Even the latest artists have been putting their albums for sale on vinyl, improving its legitimacy in the marketplace much more than before.

During the early 1990s, the vinyl record market sold so little that companies considered halting production. CD and tape sales topped the charts, and vinyl was just about cut to make room for the growing number of CDs. Despite their downtime, vinyl records made an extraordinary comeback right when the music industry required it the most. Around 2005, many of the newer generations began discovering vinyl initially. Aside from the huge popularity of MP3s, it became popular once again to hear the music in its full analog glory. This popularity quickly was obvious in growing record sales but took a couple of years to explode.

In 2008 the gross sales of vinyl records almost doubled. Even Rolling Stones vinyl records are being duplicated and sold, along with a quickly growing number of vinyl from new artists. Since most vinyl buyers end up purchasing their music in both digital formats for convenience and analog format for sound quality, the suffering music industry could not be more content. By 2011, the sale of vinyl near doubled again and the production of vinyl once again became a mainstay.

There are a few types of people, each with different reasons behind getting back onto the vinyl craze. The baby boomer generation had readopted this standard due to the sensory experience they relate to classic rock and roll. The favorite album of vinyl hobbyists in 2010 was the time-honored Beatles vinyl album Abbey Road.

Since vinyl reproduces songs so well, it has become popular for people trying to find the highest-fidelity sound. Because most music before the year 2000 was recorded on tape, many people believe the digital conversion process removes a lot of detail from the audio quality. Even if it does not genuinely reproduce better, vinyl has a particular sound that is specific to it. Though it does not make sense in writing, hearing the digital copy alongside the vinyl album on a higher quality record player provides a very distinct difference in the quality of sound.

The return of vinyl provides a great alternative to downloading MP3s and is a great thing for everyone. Besides allowing people to hear a lot of music in its original form, it allows another way for the music industry to obtain the money for new artist investments once again.


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