Belgian Chocolate – a Gourmet Delight!

Belgian chocolates just like any other chocolates are made from the seeds of cacao. However, the popularity of Belgian chocolates began when a Swiss family in Brussels created the praline. Subsequently, in 1912, chocolates were given as gifts in Belgium and the success story of Belgium chocolate began. Besides using the finest African cocoa beans, the praline was the first-ever butter cream-filled chocolate.

This handmade bite-sized Belgian chocolate, which could be filled with nuts, cream or dark chocolate, was a first in the early 1900s. Nowadays, Belgian chocolate is a taste all it’s own and is craved by many chocoholics worldwide. It is no surprise that Belgian chocolates could be the best European chocolate or even the best worldwide.

Belgian chocolates are recognized as the gourmet standard of any chocolate confectionery around the world. These are considered to be the best of European chocolates. The praline with its delightful sculpted chocolate shell can surprise you with a burst of different tastes once you bite into it. The Belgian chocolate called the praline is made with the best quality of cocoa seeds from Africa and filled with different tasty treats.

These include nuts, nougats or creams, coffee, fruit or dark chocolate. Today, many Belgian chocolatiers are continuously improving the taste and quality of the praline Belgian chocolate. Some of the most popular Belgian chocolate praline companies that have been in operation since the early 1900s include Leonidas, Neuhaus, Godiva, and Nirvana.

The history of Belgian chocolates dates back in 1885 when Leopold II of Belgium colonized Congo from where Belgium imported cocoa beans. Leopold II took advantage of the country’s cocoa beans and slave labor. Even though the beginnings of the chocolate industry in Belgium was tainted with war, this did not impede the success of chocolatiers in producing what is known nowadays as one of the best tasting chocolates worldwide.

The Belgian chocolate known as the praline was created in 1912 and coincided with the tradition of giving chocolates as gifts in Belgium. Subsequently, the Belgian chocolate praline’s well-known packaging was developed, the Ballotin.

Belgian chocolates are known to be very expensive but many chocoholics will choose eating pralines than those bought by the pound in Switzerland. The reason is that Belgium chocolates’ quality surpasses any well-known chocolates and considered to be the best in Europe. Belgian chocolatiers put passion into their chocolate-making which represents their unwavering national pride.

A Belgian chocolate’s shell is handcrafted and filled with bursting flavors that leave an exciting taste in your mouth. The experience of eating Belgian chocolates leaves you craving for more. Belgium’s pride in their pralines is evident with the many chocolate stores in every town and village of this chocolate country.


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