Flat Wedding Shoes to Match Up to the Groom

Flat wedding shoes to match up to the groom Are you a tall bride? Do you feel heels will make you look too tall? Is your groom the same height as you are? Are you worried heels will make you look mismatched? Do you feel wearing heels will ruin your wedding pictures? Well, if you have answered yes to any or all of the above, there is no need for you to fret over the perfect wedding shoes for your dream wedding.

Who says you have to have heels for your wedding? You can always forgo the heels in favor of very low heels or even flats! Moreover, you are in luck. Flat wedding shoes are definitely in this season for a variety of reasons. The options are endless. You are sure to find a lovely trendy pair to go with your wedding dress.

Why go in for flat shoes When choosing the right wedding shoes for yourself, you must take a few important points into consideration. First, ask yourself, is your height and that of the groom almost the same? Or is he shorter or taller than you? Secondly, understand your comfort level by wearing heeled shoes for a long duration. Then consider the kind of dress you wish to go in for. Once you have answered these, you may find quite a few reasons you can choose to go in for flat wedding shoes.

Moreover, when choosing wedding shoes, it is always a smart idea to give more priority to comfort over style. Trust me, you do not want your lovely manicured feet to be uncomfortable or in pain during your wedding.

Different types of flats As I said before, flat Bridal shoes are in this season. There are a million varieties of flat shoes available in stores today. All you have to do is take your pick! Among the large variety of shoes available, the different types of flats include pumps, ballerina type flat shoes, peep toes, flip-flops, strappy flats, slip-on, formal flats, Chinese flats and many more. You are sure to find a dream pair from so many options! These different flats are made with a variety of materials including satin, lace, canvas, leather, faux leather, cloth, brocade, silk, etc.

Today you will find many varieties of combinations for material and designs. For example, the market has silk and satin flip flops for beach weddings, satin and lace flats for church weddings; Leather slip-on for park, hotels or similar location weddings and much more, etc.

Colored flat shoes for theme weddings These days, brides are no longer limited in their choice of shoes. Trendy young brides are choosing colored wedding dresses for a unique and different look. For example, theme weddings like Victorian age, Hawaiian weddings, Spanish boulevard or the great Indian Bollywood style are all inspiring brides to pick vibrant floral patterns and royal colors gilded with gold and silver.

Most of the flat bridal shoes available in various materials are made keeping this requirement in mind. They are easily dyeable into choicest colors requested by the brides. The dyes used are either permanent or soluble. In case water-soluble dyes are used, these shoes can also be dyed again to be reused for daily wear or formal wear, etc.

Choosing the best wedding shoes for your dress It is best to decide if you are planning to wear flat shoes for your wedding, before you go in for the final dress fittings as the tailors usually plan the length of the dress based on the total height, including your shoes.

When choosing flat wedding shoes, your choice of material and style of the shoes would largely depend on where you plan to have the wedding. For example, high heeled or lacy peep-toes might not be the best choice for a beach wedding. You might opt for satin flip flops or leather slip-on to let the sand slip out of your feet.


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