Attempting to Keep Vinyl Protected and Damage Free

The past years have seen significant redevelopment in interest for vinyl records where they once were almost dead. New artists are even requesting that their albums be printed on vinyl to meet this new market desire and since many people say that the vinyl sounds better than their digital counterparts. Since this technology is quite a bit aged these days, it is very important to know how to take care of it so it will provide for many more years of great music playing ability.

Damage usually develops when handling the record since people simply do not understand how to do it correctly. The record should be held by the edges without touching the disc’s surface or held by the center label piece. Using gloves is preferred since it prevents oils from the hand or other foreign material getting on the disc.

Keeping the record player and records themselves in an area where the sun never shines is recommended since the heat can damage both even when they are exposed not for very long. Keeping the record in the sleeve is always crucial to ensure it is not nicked or otherwise broken when stored.

Vinyl is very sensitive to dust and heat and usually will warp ever so slightly as it is stored in improper conditions. 45 degrees Fahrenheit is an excellent temperature for storing over a long period of time, but records being commonly listened to are best when placed around 70.

Records should always be placed vertically with others of the same size to make certain they do not damage when pressed against each other or droop over time. If the vinyl is kept correctly, it can be rather easy, but people that are not positive about their setup can look into special cabinets made for keeping vinyl.

There are a lot of tried and true methods, but most vinyl cleaning is not extensively agreed upon. It is easy to keep the discs clean if they are wiped in a circular motion using a microfiber cloth and distilled water. It is actually easy to keep the discs in good condition if using a VPI 16.5 cleaner as opposed to a cloth that may end up damaging their surfaces. Many individuals regularly do damage by improper cleaning, and one’s favorite Bob Dylan records from SoundStage Direct might not show it at first but will down the road.

While it is not a proper care procedure, it is always essential to play vinyl on a very high-quality player. Older ones damage the disc due to inferior parts, but there are some newer ones that are practically flawless.


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