Why Vinyl Continues to Be Well-liked Throughout the Decades

The digital revolution killed off the CD. When CDs were introduced, they killed off the cassette player. But did the cassette player ever destroy the profuse sounds of vinyl LPs? The statistics will show that records may have declined in usage, but the popularity of records is still alive today.

LPs from the Beatles and Rolling Stones live on as popular collector’s items, especially rare vinyl discs and singles made by bands. In spite of vinyl being over 50 years old, online businesses and brick-and-mortar stores selling exclusively vinyl albums still exist.
Vinyl Sound
The reason why vinyl remains as popular as it is is that it continues to produce the same sound throughout the ages. Digital audio allows people to adjust the sound to change the decibel levels, while vinyl LPs maintain the same sound quality, making a split among music lovers as to which music medium sounds better.

The amount of separate ways an artist can change his song is endless, making it hard to replicate the sound through headphones or speakers. Of course, a digital song has its benefits, but vinyl LPs are more consistent in sound between songs. Thanks to this consistency in sound, vinyl records remain a popular product among music buffs and are as popular among these people as the day they were introduced.
If you have a rare album, chances are you could auction it for a few hundred to even a few thousand dollars. Yes, most vinyl LPs in a collector’s possession may be valued at a few dollars, but some records hold value, especially if kept in great condition. As an image of one of the most valuable vinyl LPs today, the Beatles White Album can earn thousands of dollars.

The same can be said for Rolling Stones vinyl discs, especially the vinyl with the fighting man artwork. This vinyl may be a single, but it’s appraised at over $15000 online; of course, it’s rare to see or possess this album, but it is worth a decent amount.
A major disadvantage of owning vinyl records is the headache of taking care of the item and keeping it free of scratches. Vinyl albums should be kept in their protective sleeves when not in use, and it should be noted that removing the album and dropping it can create scratches and cause the record to lose value. While the care may not be a problem users worry about, it is something to consider and might make vinyl less attractive for some collectors.


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