Don’t Blame Charlie Sheen…blame Yourselves

Charlie Sheen has stolen all entertainment headlines and set the record for the fastest person to ever reach 1 million followers on Twitter in the Guinness Book of World Records.
For the regular consumer witnessing the events of the past two weeks, Sheen appears to be a nightmare of rants and raves, drug abuse, and sexually deviant behavior. For Entertainment agents, managers, scriptwriters, networks other than CBS, and studios other than Warner Bros, Charlie Sheen is the quintessential blueprint for the new age of maximizing the potential for talent into the next decade.

Despite the fact the hit show “Two and a Half Men” has ended with the release of Sheen, Sheen effectively created a new conversation in future business negotiations within his career. Now that he has nearly 2.5 million Twitter followers, he has created tangible proof that he has not lost his following and Charlie Sheen as a brand name is still big business.

His leverage with studios and networks will be unlimited now that he has both established movie and television sitcom careers, and has demonstrated his ability to deliver in a reality television show format hosted by Ustream via Twitter, in which Sheen sounds off on leaders of CBS: Even the Red Cross has jumped on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon, declaring via Twitter on March 2nd: We may not collect #tigerblood, but we know our donors & volunteers have a fierce passion for doing good!

#RedCrossMonth What we are witnessing is flatly amazing considering the depth and severity of allegations that Sheen has survived throughout his career You don’t have to live in a Sober Valley Lodge to realize that Sheen was not a model citizen but remained in the spotlight the past twenty years because the American consumers and those tuning in from around the world forgive the lifestyles of A-list actors; however, reality television is produced more frequently than any other form of television show because of the ratio of production cost to revenue generated.

As a result, this forgiveness has extended to unprecedented amounts and has resulted in common people such as the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore to become famous for socially unacceptable behavior they display on camera. Sheen’s rebellious approach to CBS by naming specific individuals within the corporation is not typical A-list actor behavior and has turned him into the people’s champ. His “twitter trends” known simply as “winning” and “tiger blood” have become long-running jokes that have been copied and repeated by millions throughout daily life when they log off their computers.

Sheen is a pioneer as an A-list actor who is embracing social media as a link to the “reality” aspect of the entertainment industry. Aside from releasing his personal live performance on Ustream, he has advertised for a “social media intern” to begin for 8 weeks this summer.
What Sheen is accomplishing is an A-list actor’s parallel to a professional athlete recovering from a scandal and still #winning. What we are witnessing is Shaq leaving the Lakers and Kobe Bryant striving to win more championships after being accused of rape.

Sheen is no stranger to public controversy and he has demonstrated that even when large conglomerates such as CBS and Warner Brothers part ways with him, he still has millions of fans. The bottom line is determined by none other than us, the consumers, who continue to value the pizzazz, humor, and wit Sheen exudes on the screen.

Sheen’s most recent interviews have been described as “manic episodes” by some psychotherapists. In a world such as Hollywood, where the fast life of cocaine, sexually liberated women, and endless amounts of cash spent on alcohol is commonplace for men in Sheen’s position, one might view his fast chatter and declaration that he has “tiger blood” as the cry out of a man who is in need of help. Until consumers turn off the television, Sheen’s portrayal of a man on the road to recovery is not only entertainment but also big business.


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