Should You Hire a Comedian for a Party?

For most parties, the first entertainment people consider is bands and singers.  Although the idea of getting people into motion to have fun is fantastic, and you can still hire these singers: a party that’s all dancing is going to cut into mingling and enjoying each other’s company while you eat.  Instead, many are turning towards hiring comedians to fill the time and party with laughter.

Is it the right call?

What Type of Party Is It?

Is this a child’s fifth birthday party, or is it a retirement party?  Although it may feel prominent, different parties need different types of entertainment. The general rule for parties that need comedians is the following: most partygoers are adults, it’s indoors or at least in an area where the comedian will easily be able to be heard on a stage, there’s a friendly atmosphere between goers, and you don’t have a musician performing during the exact moment.

Who’s Attending?

This question is essential to consider for many reasons.  First of all, if the attendees have a language barrier, if there’s a significant variance of people whose humor can be harder to pin down, or if you’re unsure about how long you want them to perform: a comedian might not be the best for you.  If you’re going to hire a pro, you want to ensure that they shine!  Give them the chance to show off their skills by giving them the best audience possible.  If your party doesn’t have that, save your comedian’s idea for later.

How Long Do You Want Them To Perform?

The average set for a comedian ranges from twenty to fifty minutes.  If your party is six hours long, a comedian will struggle to fill that time.  Instead of expecting them to repeat their set eight times, you could hire them for two groups spaced out by a couple of hours or hire a band that will perform for the rest of the party after food is enjoyed. 

What’s Your Budget?

What can you currently afford?  Although you may think you have a large enough budget, it’s good to window shop at the rates in your area first.  Hiring a well-known performer may set you back a thousand dollars: but if you love their performances and want them, it can be worth it!  Think ahead about what you can reasonably afford, and consider setting the party back so that you can afford to save up and pay what they’re worth if you want them.

Where To Hire Them?

Although it would be nice to just approach a comedian after enjoying seeing them at a local comedy club, this type of approach is often difficult to do.  Luckily, you can find artists like Damon Wayans Jr offering their services and examples of their work online.  Look around at artists that make you laugh on gig sites or Twitter, and seek them out for hire.  Just be sure to keep your budget, the length of the party, and the audience in mind.


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