Ticketmaster – a New Platform for Artists, Agents, Venues & Promoters to Book Shows & Tours.

Ticketmaster officially launched into beta with what may be a new development in concert ticket sales and booking. They have created a new tool that combines other successful concepts such as KickStart and Groupon. Normally, a company entering into the concert ticket sales the industry doesn’t bring anything new to the table – but this isn’t the case with Ticketmaster.

Basically, an artist or his/her representation can set up a concert in your town and specify a minimum amount of tickets that makes playing there worth it. Booking a show is free and until this minimum amount is met (or their lingo “set-off point”) the transactions won’t go through. If for whatever reason the concert doesn’t take place, all purchases are fully reimbursed. They also have an industry low service fee at around $4.

For artists, it’s a great way to test interest in a certain destination and branch out into new markets. Gone are the days of low attendance, with Ticketometer only shows that are up to snuff will actually happen. In return, the fans partake in the tour selection and artists have new negotiating power through predetermined results – a guaranteed product to offer. Venues win too. They can potentially book empty nights by letting artists compete to meet a setoff point.

Almost just as interesting as the concept itself is how limitless its uses are. Big house agencies may not always know where their artists’ fans are centralized. A co-founder, Ardon Lukasiewicz said, “It has been really exciting to see all the positive feedback from artists, agents, and managers.

They bring new ideas to the table… one was to book 20 shows with a famous artist and the first 15 shows to reach the setoff point happen!” Their service can be used as a safety net, negotiating factor or to maximize tour performance for all sizes of artists.

You can see a demonstration of their ticket pages at www.ticketometer.com/u – which was posted by a Coldplay cover band alongside Chet Haze… Tom Hank’s son. The site, as you can see, is eye-catching, intuitive and easy to navigate.

After speaking to them about the future of Ticketometer, they have a lot of new features and development still ahead for their full launch. Feel free to sign up, and if you’re an artist, big or small, I’d highly recommend that you give it a try, you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.


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