Qualities of a good guitar instructor

A good teacher is the key to exceptional learning. If you want to learn guitar then it’s essential that you find an instructor who is well trained and is compatible with you. 

Here are some qualities that you should look for in your guitar instructor

1.Tend to your needs

Every student is different with different learning graph. Your guitar instructor must be able to understand what you need, what is your speed of learning and what kind of music do you want to play. Often teachers are set to make you learn the music which they play, but that shouldn’t be the case, if you want to really enjoy playing the instrument then your instructor must listen to you and help you grow in the direction which you want. 

2.Adapts to your personality 

You can learn only if you have a special connect with your teacher, and for that your instructor needs to be adaptive. There is no space for personality clashes in a classroom. Music isn’t like maths where one method is used to solve a number of problems, it is much more diverse and learning methodology is different for different personalities. A good guitar instructor understands your personality and creates a curriculum which helps you thrive. 

3.Professionally trained 

Being a good guitarist doesn’t ensure that he/she is a good teacher. Therefore, professional training is required to become a guitar teacher. You should always go for an instructor who is dedicated to teaching and teaching is his fulltime profession. If your guitar instructor is also someone who performs then it can be difficult to learn because he would want to play and practice the music that he performs and overlook your style of playing. 

4.Inspires you 

Teachers are often role models to students. They inspire you to be the best version of yourself, their aura motivates you to be better. Make sure that your guitar instructor is someone you look up to and brings out the best of you. 

5.Creates a safe space

Music has immense benefits on your mental and physical health. Your guitar instructor plays a vital role in your journey of learning. To make this experience better and enjoyable your instructor should make you feel comfortable. You cannot have a teacher who makes you feel unsafe or you are scared of him/her. You should be able to communicate your feelings and emotions with him/her since music is nothing but an expression of your feelings. Your music class can be your happy place, provided that your teacher creates a safe space for you. A good guitar instructor can turn into a friend for life. 

So, if you want to have a memorable and a wholesome learning experience then make sure that you take into account all the qualities mentioned above. Don’t compromise on your needs, it might take a little time to find a suitable teacher for you, but be patient and do your research, you will able to land a pretty good teacher.


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