Which Types of Bands Are Best for Family Gatherings?

Family gatherings are a truly special event. With a family gathering, you’ll likely have a large number of people coming from different parts of the country to meet up. These people will likely vary in age and background, but they are all connected by the fact that they are family. This creates a truly special type of event, as family members that haven’t seen each other in a while get to reconnect. One way to make a family gathering even more special is by hiring a band to provide entertainment and improve the overall atmosphere. However, when you hire a band for a family gathering, you need to be careful with your choice, as not all bands are the perfect fit. So which types of bands are the best fit for family gatherings? Let’s take a look. 

Acoustic Bands

One of the best types of bands to hire for family gatherings are acoustic bands. When you have a family gathering, you’ll likely want to provide plenty of opportunity for everyone to talk and catch up. After all, your family has likely spread out across the country, and many of them haven’t seen each other in quite some time. That’s why hiring an acoustic band can be such a great choice as a hire. Acoustic bands aren’t loud and overbearing, meaning they can perform without being too much of a disruption to natural conversation. However, their music and performances can still provide entertainment to guests and improve the overall atmosphere of the event. If you want a band that will play much more of a background role at the gathering rather than serve as the focal point, then an acoustic band could be a fantastic option.

Function Bands

Another type of band that is commonly hired for events like family gatherings are function bands. Function bands are also commonly referred to as cover bands or party bands, as they don’t have their own style and instead cover other songs. While you may think these types of bands are unoriginal at first glance, they actually slot perfectly into parties and other events. Since these bands cover popular rock and pop songs, many people are familiar with their music. Those two industries are extremely popular and span several generations, meaning a function band is your best best for music that the whole event will enjoy. In addition, covered music isn’t always bad, as some of the most famous renditions of songs are actually covered. Some of the most universally recognized and popular songs will be played by function bands, meaning everyone in attendance will be able to hear music that they enjoy.

Tribute Bands

If much of your family gathering has the same taste in music, then you might want to look into hiring a tribute band. As the name suggests, tribute bands honor a particular band by dressing up as them and playing their most famous songs. The most common tribute bands imitate groups like the Beatles and Rolling Stones, which are quite old yet still have a ton of popularity. Tribute bands will then play the most famous songs from the band they’re imitating, trying to make their music sound as close to the original as possible. If your family is a hardcore fan of one particular group or overwhelmingly into the same type of music, a tribute band may be the solution to your live entertainment hire. For example, if your entire family loves the Beatles music, why not try to hire a local Beatles tribute band? Doing so can allow older attendees to relive memories and nostalgia, while newer fans may get the opportunity to experience something new, as they weren’t around when the original band rose to fame.


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