Quite Possibly My Longest Post Ever. Oy. (Part 3)

I hereby present to you the third & final installment of what is quite possibly my longest blog ever. I tried to include some fun visuals throughout the post to keep you all entertained, so I really hope you enjoy the hard work I’ve put into all of this. I’m going to shut up now because I’m pretty sure you’d rather read about some entertainment news and not my babbling, so on your mark… get set… GO!

Are you a fan of dancing and/or SYTYCD? If you said yes, then you’ll probably want to check out this link. It’s basically videos from most of the top 10 dancers from the American and Canadian versions of the show… that’s about 75 dancers! Thanks to GMMR for that link! If you’re like me and watched this season rooting for Legacy he’s created a website, so you might want to keep checking back here for its official launch! Unfortunately, according to this E! post, it doesn’t look like there will be a season 6 tour. Yikes… it seems like the producers really shouted it this season.

Now for some fun. If you love improv, (and really, I’d like to find someone who doesn’t) then Second City shouldn’t be a foreign term to you. Well, they celebrated their 50th anniversary recently and had tons of now-famous alumni back to perform. Since none of us were there, you can do what I did & read about it here and wish you had been there instead. Speaking of, one of Second City’s MANY famous alumni, Stephen Colbert, recently surprised his Colbert Report audience (in the studio & at home) by joining his guest Alicia Keys in a rendition of the song I’m mildly obsessed with, “Empire State of Mind”.

You didn’t think Entertainment Weekly would let that go by without a dedicated post, did you? Check that out here. So great. My friend Maelle started her own blog and it’s awesome! Why is it so awesome, you ask? Well, instead of babbling & including links & whatnot (like someone ELSE I know), she is a fantastic artist and her blogs are in drawn comic form! Seriously, people… SO COOL. I don’t even know if that’s the correct way to describe them, but check it out here & pick a term for yourself! Great job, Maelle!

TV Guide was kind enough to provide us with some answered viewer questions in their “Mega Buzz” post. Just as a warning, these are the shows they discuss (and probably give away spoilers for) IN ORDER: Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Southland, Chuck, NCIS: LA, Gossip Girl, Criminal Minds, Big Love, Dexter, Desperate Housewives, The Closer & 90210. Whew. Done-zo. If you’re still interested, click here for the goodies. Since we’re on the topic of Big Love (um… sort of), this might be of interest to you fellow fans. Did someone say SEASON 4?!?! Check this out:


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